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Wedding DJ

Saturday was such a beautiful day, I was taking a cruise on my bike when I passed this couple on 118th st. #FDB in Harlem. I heard them mumble, was that DJ Ness, was that him? As I kept…

The Coffee Shop Cool Out Mix.  


The Coffee Soundtrack

For some people, the best thing going on in the morning time is their coffee.  Its an everyday ritual.  Whether you like yours light and sweet, with toppings, a fancy latte or simply black... whether you get…

Harlem Soul Holidays {The Greatest Holiday Mix Ever}

This Holiday mix has a little bit of flavor for all generations. 

Alicia Keys - Little Drummer Boy Remix 
Tevin Cambell - This Xmas 
Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby (Alex Kidd Dj Seep Remix) 
Johnny Mercer n…

As Seen On TV Soul Mix

This is a really old mix I cooked up. The idea behind this compilation was to create something nostalgic and fun to listen to, for both the parent and their child. 

And it goes a little…

Feeling The Spirit (Gospel Music Mix)



If you've ever wanted to experience what it feels and sound like to attend one of the celebrated churches in Harlem, then preview this mix.  Whether you lean towards traditional gospel music or if you prefer the newer titles, this…

R.I.P. My Dear

If you ever lost someone you love, then you understand how tough coping can be, but the right songs can actually provide some relief.  This mini mix is a reflective compilation, not a sappy one... It features some of…

1 Hit Wonders

These artist made a hit, some were really gigantic, but they weren't able to repeat the formula. 

listen to sample:

Early Pioneers of Jazz

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer 
Tom Turpin - Harlem Rag 
Scott Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag 
Count Basie & The Duke - Jumin At the Woodside 
Benny Goodman - Tiger Rag 
Charlie Parker & Dizzy G. - Bloomdido 
Art Tatum…