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R.I.P. My Dear

If you ever lost someone you love, you understand how tough coping can be, but the right songs can provide some relief.  This mix is a reflective compilation, not a sappy one... So If you or someone you know is mourning the loss of someone special, then share this with them. 

I made this when Mrs. G passed away. I miss her dearly.  I wanted to memorialize her spirit via a mix compilation... 

This mix is dedicated to Mrs. Gloria Thomas... One of the finest people I've ever met. 

Who would you share this with? 

Reflections - Rest in Peace. 

Nas - One Last Dance 
Nas - Moment of Silence 
Beanie Siegel - Mom Praying 
Joel Ortiz ft Alica Keys - Sleeping With a Broken Heart 
Jay Z - Song Cry 
Sunshine on My Shoulder 
D.I.T.C. - Tribute 
Tupac - Dear Mamm

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