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1 Hit Wonders Podcast

These artist made a hit, some were really gigantic, but they weren't able to repeat the formula. 

listen to sample:

Dazzle 2

Early Pioneers of Jazz

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer 
Tom Turpin - Harlem Rag 
Scott Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag 
Count Basie & The Duke - Jumin At the Woodside 
Benny Goodman - Tiger Rag 
Charlie Parker & Dizzy G. - Bloomdido 
Art Tatum…

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The Ni**a Mix

#BlackHistory Special

This mix tells the story of the dirty little #N-word.  People like to think that it's just a word, but I promise you its more than just that. Its more like a tool.  Words do have…

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House Music For Non House Heads

Checkout these infectious dance grooves:

Chuva Speaks Arab - Reckless Girl 
Ready for the world - Love you down Roter & Lewis E rework 
Simon Adams - Look At You 
Sylvester - Mighty Real Remix 
Monkey See Monkey Do…

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X-mas in Harlem (Greatest Xmas Mix Ever)

Since its holiday time, I decided to whip up a mix to commemorate Christmas.  I think of you'd dig it.

Listen here:


Beat itcheese

Just Beat It... Cancer Survivor mix  Podcast

If you or someone you know has ever had to battle with cancer, then you may understand how vital it is to fight this disease with everything conceivable. Patients are often prescribed all sorts of potent medicine and supplements to…

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New Hip Hop Joints... Mixed By Nessdigital

The other day I was sharing some details about this Hip-Hop party I had done with an acquaintance and he responded, I didn't know you spun hiphop, which to me sounded like a bizarre comment to make.  Even insulting.  I…

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Michaeldale 1 1

Spirited... A Nessdigital Gospel Mix Podcast

I wanted to create an inspiring gospel mix for folks who don't normally gravitate to gospel, while having it also appeal to the seasoned gospel listener. This mix embodies many traditional gospel elements and it is infused with lots…

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The Color Purple Podcast

The color purple will forever be linked to the artist formerly known as Prince.  He was definitely in a class by himself and was wildly loved.  This mix pays homage with some of his standards and less popular tracks. 

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When opposites attract {hiphop} vs. {rock} mix

When opposites attract.  This mix brings together the marriage between hip hop and rock music.  Lots of early hip hop sampled rock tracks which in turn, lead to some of the biggest hits the genre has produced. 


Oil and water

Songs for Couples with Opposite Taste in Music

By: Dj Nessdigital

In 1975, rock legends Aerosmith scored big on the Billboard charts with their hit song, “Walk This Way”. Not only did the song become one of the group’s biggest hits, but also, several years later, hip-hop…

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