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DJ Nessdigital is an open format Dj who is regarded for his unique song selections and his ability to connect with an audience. 


What is your typical process for working with a new customer?        

My process consists of meeting (in person, when possible) to discuss the vision for the event. From there, I would provide feedback and I would explain how I would best service their event. Lastly, I would render a breakdown of the services and equipment to be provided and the costs.


My Background

I have been spinning for about 10 years at corporate events, department stores, car shows, schools, clubs, lounges, hotels, weddings, block parties, restaurants, bbqs, fitness centers, private events, large and intimate in size. In addition to that, I used to get bookings from The DJ Scratch Academy & Scratch Weddings several years ago. 


How did I get started?

Back when I was promoting events, the DJ that night had canceled at the last minute so I jumped in and I never looked back.


Who are my clients?

I've worked with corporate companies, weddings industry folks, restaurant and lounges, schools and colleges, kids, stores and businesses, galleries, celebrities, the LGBT community... You name it, and I've probably have spun at that type of function.  Please see my client and review section.


Do I create mixes and playlists?

Yes.  Many genres too.  Eclectic. Let me know what you have in mind, and I'll provide an estimate. Also, check my mixes & playlists section.


What do I spin with?

Because my moniker is "Digital", I embrace all technology and digital components so I currently spin with the Numark NS6ii & Pioneer controllers.  I can also use the Pioneer CDJs 2000 and occasionally I'll spin on turntables with the serato DVS. 




Growing up, Nessdigital always wanted to play the sax and the piano because he wanted to be like two of his favorite jazz musicians, Coltrane John
cancelled at the last minute and not knowing what to do, Nessdigital was left scrambling for a replacement.  He called every dj he knew but no one was available. 

Upset and worried, Nessdigital contacted another buddy promoter to see if they might be able to offer any assistance and that's when he struck gold.  His friend brilliantly suggested connecting his laptop (loaded with Napster tunes) into the venue's house system.  He tried that, and somehow, it miraculously
worked.  This was way before the ease of plug and play 
dj controllers...  And the rest is, as they say, history... And he's been spinning ever since.and Thelonious Monk. Although he never learned to play either instrument, he did the next best thing...He became a Dj!


Since then, he's had an opportunity to spin for the following personalities:


Whoopi Goldberg

Tamara Tunie

Carrie Mae Weems

D.A. Cy Vance

Sidra Smith

Judge Karen Mills

Charlie Rangel

Rev Micheal Waldron

Fred Hampton

DJ Nessdigital possesses an eclectic and adaptive style. From the oldies to contemporary music, the dj spins and moves the crowd while engaging his clients, making sure they're having a good time. ”

— Kamar